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Discover the 6 WordPress plugins from Elegant Themes

WordPress is an excellent content management system in itself and , currently, one of the most used in the world. It is estimated that more than 90 million websites already use this platform… and the number continues to rise! However, despite all the features that are already presented to us by the WordPress control panel, the system can sometimes have some limitations. Each website has its needs, either by the area in which it operates, or by the target audience it intends to reach. What might work for a travel blog might not work for a blog about animals. What is the solution? WordPress plugins , of course.

We are talking for example about buttons to directly share a post on a social network , adjust the page layout to mobile device screens or create email forms . WordPress doesn't allow you to do any of these functions, but the right plugin Industry Email List can quickly take care of the matter. However, plugins usually have a cost, which does not always take into account your website budget. That's why we recommend Elegant Themes . This platform sells 6 plugins (accompanied by 87 WordPress themes ) for just 89 USD . Sounds like a lie but it's really true! These are 6 plugins , with different features, that can do a lot for your blog's performance.

Below we present each of the 6 plugins. Plugins WordPress: As 6 ferramentas do Elegant Themes Bloom Email Opt-Ins Forms , forms and more forms. This is the main function of Bloom E-mail Opt-ins , a plugin for WordPress that gives you total control over the appearance of your contact boxes and email capture . The objective is the same as for email marketing: to attract subscribers and turn them into customers through an effective strategy. The forms are attractive, elegant and adapt easily to any template. bloom email opt in Monarch Social Media “Sharing in style on social media.

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