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EKRN Bornholm Airport for MSFS updated

EKRN Bornholm Airport for MSFS has been updated to version 1.4.3. The update is available now in your MSFS Content Manager.

1.4.3 Changelog:

1. Updated EKRN tower building to reflect real world changes
2. Updated terminal building with new details and textures
3. Changed GA area parking spot headings
4. Reduced height of grass in the airport
5. Reduced height of trees at the end of RWY 11
6. Fixed an issue with black textures in the water off the coast near Rønne
7. Removed MSFS default churches in Rønne
8. Fixed an issue with semi transparent asphalt textures
9. Fixed a compability issue with the Microsoft bespoke EKRN Bornholm Airport
10. Fixed an issue with terraforming (bump on the runway) in SU12.
11. Various minor changes

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