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Aalborg X v. 1.1

Aalborg X has been updated to v.1.1. The update is available at Vidan Design own shop now and should also be available via simMarket and Aerosoft online stores soon. More info here:

V. 1.1:

Added dynamic apron lights (P3D only)
Added animated windsocks
Added animated 3D people (P3D only)
Updated ADE
Updated Scenery Configurator
Increased animated vehicles speed
Autogen vegetation updated
Darker hangar roof night textures
Fixed an issue with flickering textures on terminal building model
Fixed an issue with missing taxi lights
Fixed an issue with LOD's on the Tower building
Fixed an issue with flickering textures on fuel station model
Various minor fixes and changes.


1. Open "Aalborg X Scenery Configurator"
2. Click on "Reset Scenery to default"
3. Close "Aalborg X Scenery Configurator"
4. Uninstall Aalborg X v. 1.0
5. Install Aalborg X v. 1.1

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