This is a known issue with missing exclude files in the packages. SimNord is working on a solution. A temporay fix is to reduce the number of road vehicles in the sim. Go to General options> Traffic and move the slider for “Road vehicles” to the left.

The railway station will be added in a future update for Aalborg Airport MSFS. Currently the railway line is missing on the Bing Maps orthophotos that the sim is displaying.

Billund MSFS is not available for purchase outside MSFS Marketplace any longer. Updates for existing simMarket and SimNord Shop customers are now provided directly from SimNord. Please contact SimNord at this E-mail:

Delete World Update Nordics EKRN (Asobo) from Profile  > Content Mananger. Delete the folder “microsoft-airport-ekrn-bornholm” located in the Packages\Official\OneStore folder. Restart MSFS.


No, there are currently no plans to sell SimNord’s MSFS sceneries outside the MSFS Marketplace